The Experience in Wilderness

While I was floating down the Rappahannock River, I had enough time to truly grow appreciative of nature. The amount of manual labor of pushing our, me and Ivy’s, double tandem kayak was insane but it still let us truly grow appreciative of the work that going through the river takes. It was a wonderful experience, and I got to learn more about Ivy and everyone else – even learning everyone’s name. At first I didn’t think I wanted to swim in the river, but I faced my fears and did it anyways. This ended up being my favorite part, the river was extremely calm and serene to swim in. Being with everyone was an amazing time.


Then it started to rain. Then the thunderstorm started. It was surprisingly not that bad. At first it was sad because there was nothing we could do about it, but then once we came to terms with it, it was almost serene. We really got to see, as we learned from Cronon, the wild and unpredictable nature is some of the most beautiful parts of it. That being said, I am glad we made it out without any real problems. Once the rain cleared and we started heading back to campus is when I really got to know Ivy. Since we thought nature might rain on us again, we tried to make it back as fast as we could. This was very tough on the physical side, but since we had a tandem kayak we could also rely on each other to keep company and do the work. Me and Ivy really got to talk a lot and learn more about each other over this trip. In the end I really enjoyed the sides of nature we got to see. This is the type of thing I am glad we can do, and I hope we can do it more. While I have never been much of a nature person, this is still one of the funnest trips I’ve taken in a while.


Ivy Sanders says:

It was absolutely crazy how our trip seemed to tie in with the Cronon we were reading. I really do wonder if it was just a coincidence or if fate really wanted us to get personally connected with one of his works.

Abigail Lasky says:

Braden, I had so much fun on the trip as well! It was funny to watch you and Ivy row diagonally but it must have been an amazing team building exercise. Nature proved what we thought Cronon had said.

Ashanti says:

The trip sounds so fun! I wish that I could have been there. The rain is really calming and soothing to be round. I am glad that you had so much fun.

Same, I really wish I could have gone on the trip. I had a family reunion that weekend, so I wasn’t able to make it unfortunately :/

Yulemi Martinez says:

I’m glad that you were able to have a good experience in the nature and that you were able to truly appreciate it. It’s also good that in this trip you were able to face your fears, thats something not everyone could have done and it ended up being a really fun experience for you. It sucks that I wasnt able to attend but I can really imagine what it was like through your detailed experience writing!

Ayumi Yuzawa says:

Haha yes! This trip was amazing! Swimming was my favorite part too– both in the sun and in the rain. However the quick transition from a calm afternoon to a torrential downpour shocked me. As I was shivering my butt off under the canoe and covered in mud I couldn’t help but think how unpredictable and free spirited nature is. Nature will do as it pleases and everyone in it has to deal with it. Even though I was cold and tired under the canoe I was still laughing at the situation we were in. The scene somehow mixed chaotic insanity with natural beauty. Good old Mother Nature am I right?

Haven says:

I agree that swimming was the best part, especially when I scared the piss out of you. Nature’s going to do what it wants, and I agree that going with the flow is the best option. Hah, get it? Flow? Anyways, it was a neat day, and I think you and I share that opinion.

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