Preliminary Abstract- John Muir

I loved reading Muir in our class, and so I intend to figure out more in depth why exactly I(and so many others) loved him so much. Going off of this, I have decided to make my paper about the different scholarly ways one can view Muir as an influencer, a person, and even how he used language to convey his emotions. The first source tells a tale about actually going on one of his trails, following in Muir’s footsteps, and telling of the feeling they had. Next talks about the way one man thought of John Muir as someone he knows, his story of Muir giving us light to how people around him saw him. The final source talks more about the lexical properties of his writings, which gives us an insight into how his writing helps us see into his mind. All of this allows us to see how he is viewed by others, very much focusing on the effect he and his language has on the readers of his stories.

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