Abram and the Magic of the Senses (a real “harry potter” sounding title)

The portions we read of The Spell of the Sensuous shows us how our senses and our spirit can be interconnected with the natural world. He had an interesting take on the wildlife around us, implying that they are not just inhuman; to him they were more than human, something beyond our true understanding. This was a surprising take; one would not think that the ants plaguing your house or the birds pecking at seeds are something of awe, but when thinking about it they are sometimes quite surprising how beyond us they can be.


The closest I’ve had to experiencing something like that, was when I was visiting a family cabin in upstate New York. This place was isolated from a lot of technology (at least, at the time) and was hidden in the woods near a lake. It was here that I was able to relax and be in touch with nature. Several times during the trips I would see fish underneath the water, or birds above, and I would feel very tranquil in their presence. Of course, this would be shattered by the horse-flies, because I am terrified of insects and those buggers aren’t playing games, but the point still stands. When one truly lets go of the internet, and allows their senses and feelings to embrace the natural world, they can connect with something far beyond our life.


Nowadays, I am too attached to my computer and my phone to truly let go like I used to. I still enjoy the memories of that lake, especially now that the grandfather I always went with has passed away. I’m sure if I went again (and put down my electronics for a week or so). I could find him with the butterflies he loved so much, or with the fish we would idly catch, or with the passing wind through the trees of the wonderful woods we would walk through.


Ashanti says:

The closest experience I have had like this was when I was in my neighborhood and witnessed a huge gigantic black bird. I fed it bread. Also, the squirrels at our university are amazing. They do drop nuts on my head or feet a lot.

Abigail Lasky says:

I agree that I am also too attached to technology. Everything we do seems to be online, especially for classes and socializing. Being away from family, I have become slightly more attached in case my mom calls or my sister texts me. Maybe one day you and I can have a technology free day like you did while in New York

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