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Very often when one thinks of nature and wildlife, one thinks of serenity and peace. They think of an unbound freedom that exists apart from humans as a whole. In a way, I wish nature could be more like the dreams of suburban people. But nature in itself, is a harsh and barren place, one not fit for idle enjoyment and watching. The boundaries having been set to the parks and preserves, by all means goes against what nature itself entails. Nature has been marketed to us as a free and beautiful land, one that distracts us from our pathetic and enclosed lives. It is to that extent, as to why humans have always been drawn to the perceived freedom of wildlife. The concept of a retreat from the terror of everyday life and escaping to a utopia, close to what many view as a land with god, is a tantalizing ideal. But the natural world does not exist within the boundaries of camping retreats and national parks. By marketing nature in our capitalistic system, we have destroyed what the true essence of nature is, that being the harsh lands which live outside and isolated from us. As we live in society, we have no place to intrude into the working of the natural world, and in doing so are destroying some of what made nature beautiful in the first place.

The question we have to ask ourselves instead is: “Does the very preservation of the wild lands defy all laws of the true and utterly beautiful magic of wild nature? Or is it good that we have set aside some of the lands to be semi-controlled, and therefore not truly wild as nature entails, as we move into a future age where wild lands might not have a place?”